99% love it
Dive bar decadence
"Last Call" is rarely heard in this leather bar. Drink specials and frequent events will entertain you at night.
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    • Never a boring night at Rawhide! Like Spinal Tap, their dial goes to 11. Ok, 15 sometimes

    • Cabeen
      Cabeen Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good spot but been slow lately
      Good spot for low key beer and a little fun. Every time I've been in the last couple years it's been slow and not very crowded. Not sure if it's just bad timing or a the new norm but still a good spot. They do have a cover at the door- $5- but it seems like weekends only.

    • magicmike41
      magicmike41 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      good bar but we careful
      This is a fun place to hang out and its very low key and casual. However, in the back, it gets VERY dark. In the bathrooms as well. When it's that dark, things happen. During really busy weekends (southern decadence, mardi gras, Halloween) people come out to Prey. I was pick pocketed at this bar as well as many others. Keep your belongings safe. It gets VERY packed in the back so people are always bumping into one another and grabbing others to get dirty so its hard to tell when someone is grabbing you. just be safe and have a good time!

    • mrgremore
      mrgremore Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Dark and seedy, just the way a leather bar should be
      This is my favorite gay bar in NOLA. It's dark and seedy, just the way a leather bar should be. The music is always good. The drinks are always potent. And the crowd is always friendly. There's a pool table and machines. My only advice: Be careful on your way to the bathroom. It's super dark and you may get groped along the way.

    • pmgunnerxx
      pmgunnerxx Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Whats done in the dark
      Not sure where to start with Rawhide. This was another bar my friends and I spent a good portion of our time in during the week stay we had in New Orleans. Drinks are cheap compared to most places and stronger than most places. Considering I was here during Mardi Gras I'm sure it was a bit more crowded than usual but there was always a nice size crowd in the bar including the wed after Mardi Gras ended. half the bar is dimly lit the other half is barely lit and for good reason. Much fun is had in the dark. This place is not for prudes or people easily offended by sexual situations. Just going to the bathroom here will have you venturing into the dark a little and there is no telling what you'll see, feel, or taste along the way.

    • GaYToR
      GaYToR Over a year ago
      Loves it

      ♫ See what the boys in the back room will have ♫
      And tell them I'm having the same! I've never left the bar... ummm... unsatisfied. From the great bartenders to the patrons there ready for a good time, you will be glad you came. "If these walls could talk" doesn't begin tell the story. See something you like, go for it. If that doesn't work out wait a few minutes and something just as appetizing will pass your way. If there is one rule at Rawhide it should be 'What happens in Rawhide, Stays in Rawhide" but then again, it's so much fun having your friends tell you their version of the things you did for years to come. But if you want to stay up front and have a good stiff drink or 6, that's OK too. Watching the traffic in and out can be a great night of entertainment. Not for couples unless they have a solid relationship and an understanding of what could happen. Closing time? Don't think they know the meaning of the phrase. If you happen to be in the bar during cleaning time, and I have been, just lift your feet or prepare to be hosed down and sanitized like the floors and walls about 6 or 7 AM.

    • Pancho_Miami
      Pancho_Miami Over a year ago
      Loves it

      True Decadence!
      The best part about this bar is the backroom. With the lights low and SO MANY guys crammed together, you're bound to have a "good time". It does get very hot and you're going to sweat, but that's part of the fun. Friendly crowd and great location just two blocks north of Bourbon St. My only complaint was the dumb rock music playing all night; they should either bring in a DJ or just put on a dance station.

    • Rogerindallas
      Rogerindallas Over a year ago

      Great place to Meat and Make new friends

    • Gr8Karma
      Gr8Karma Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Daddy Leather Bar
      Cookie cutter daddy leather bar with nice locals and bartenders. Dark room in the back. Pool tables to play. Fun place but very small space....

    • Bikerbear50
      Bikerbear50 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Men's bar, within the Viex Carre'
      Been here many times in the past when I lived in Houston, now in San Diego Ca. Will be out there on the 30th of March for a week with my partner, cant wait! Is Chris still bartending??

    • postcub
      postcub Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fun dirty hole in wall..
      Ok.. you dont go to this place for the look and feel. You go to this place after midnight to get some action. This is New Orleans cruise bar. I am sure if the walls could talk, there could be many great stories to be heard. If you come before midnight, not much is going on but guys having a drink. When the lights go out, I have to say the pool table sees lots of action. But the most action happens in the back room. Just a word of advice.. keep your wallet in your front pocket...

    • hititlikekobe
      hititlikekobe Over a year ago
      Loves it

      sucking dick
      I sucked so many dicks , locals with big black long dicks and I got to see this guy get fucked real good damn that was hot!

    • Bigben10
      Bigben10 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I felt like I was in a porno

    • mpolokiid69
      mpolokiid69 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Coming Back Really Soon
      I really enjoyed being at Rawhide and things got real interesting in the back will be returning real soon... =)

    • superstar
      superstar Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Friendly bartenders of all time
      You have to love the bears working this place. You can get good cheap drinks and relax or let someone relax you in a darker area of the bar. The bartender was so nice he offered his pizza to us.