The Last Drag Bingo Ever


You were told to your face that " It could NEVER happen again!". Well, guess what? You have been LIED TO!!!!!!!. Small Doses is off on another one of her dark soul searching journeys to the Moon and her Mother is PISSED. She has challenged Small Doses to a BINGO BATTLE ROYALE (with cheese). How will this be different from other Bingos in the past? Well,, we are upping the anty on the prize selections, doing brand new numbers and flying in a special guest all the way from Metarie!!!! Does anyone rememeber Tommy? Oh, and on this special night, there will be a measly $5 cover. I KNOW!!!! Just deal with it. The prizes will be THROUGH THE ROOF. The comedy will be HORRIBLE, The numbers will be TIRED. When you arrive, you will receive your Bingo card at the door. Play this card all night. You will have an option to buy additional cards to up your chances at those prizes that you can't live without!!!> And then, YES. This will be the LAST ONE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! (at least with the two of us together)


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