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98% love it
GayCities Members report that 700 Club has closed
New location same style
This trendy, low-key spot has drinks, pool, bar bites and drink specials. They moved from 700 Burgandy St to 1012 N Rampart still in the French Quarter
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    • mrgremore
      mrgremore Over a year ago

      A really great place to hang out with the locals. The bartenders are friendly and the kitchen it open late.

    • Gaytravelers
      Gaytravelers Over a year ago
      Loves it

      BEST BAR IN NEW ORLEANS ! ! ! ! !
      There are a lot of bars in New Orleans and they are all basically alike, however the 700 Club is really an exception. The entire staff is so friendly and hospitable. The owner, Matt really knows how to run a business. Actually he is one of the best owners of any in the country He KNOWS how to keep customers coming back again and again. The customers are also very friendly and people there ACTUALLY TALK to each other !!! It is two blocks from Bourbon St. so the neighborhood is rather quiet which is a good thing. It is a VERY clean bar and the drinks are very reasonably priced. We were in NOLA for a few days and can't wait to return to this bar. We won't even waste our time going to the other bars. THANKS to the owner for having such a great bar !

    • Bigben10
      Bigben10 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Fun
      I loved the music, the bartenders were friendly and the dancers were hot. Will be back again.

    • mt2012
      mt2012 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      fun fun fun
      great little bar that is all about talking and socializing. reminds us of the days back when people used to actually talk to each other and really meet in person rather than all that online bs! the bartenders are super friendly, the music is not too much of any one thing - very varied and not too loud. drink prices were just downright cheap and the food was great too!

    • ibejammer
      ibejammer Over a year ago
      Loves it

      awesome place
      Was there last year for my birthday/labor day weekend. All the clubs were packed to the ceiling!! Including this one. I told the bartender what I was drinking, never had to tell him again that whole weekend. Was impressed, plus he was nice and pretty. Michael is his name. Hope he's there still cuz I'm coming to celebrate my birthday again. Definitely in my top 3 favorite bars in new Orleans

    • ratt
      ratt Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Not what I expected...
      This is not the hole in the wall that I expected.. ;-) Great staff, fun place. Definitely very different (in a good way) from most French Quarter bars. Stop in and see what you think. I enjoyed it!

    • danassmith
      danassmith Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I call you on making the best.
      I have the ultimate throw together here in Chattanooga, Tennessee when it comes to Prawlines.... Givin the right kitchen and equipment, I can put together at least 200 an hour. Thats without any kind of machine. All spoon dropped and the perfect size, full of pecons. Katrina sent me here, but Chef Paul Prudhomme gave me his secret, and now I have New Orleans with me always. e-mail me danas6215@comcast.net

    • joenick69
      joenick69 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A great addition to the Quarter
      Good drinks, not too expensive, and surprisingly good bar food make this a really great addition to the Quarter. Kind of off the beaten path (2 blocks off Bourbon) but well worth the trip.

    • absolutcz
      absolutcz Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A breath of freshness in the Quarter bar scene
      This club has an upscale feeling - lounge sofas, cocktails served in glass, bartenders dressed up. Perfect place to chill with friends, go on a date, or relax after work (it's popular among service industry). They recently added tapas-style dishes during late hours - nice alternative to junk food late at night.