The Page Bar Formerly: Orlando's Society Page

100% love it
Incognito dive bar
With a diverse crowd, this cozy gay bar is great for after-hours and happy hours.


    • BeeMyself
      BeeMyself Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good place to stop
      This is a cute place to visit because it's close to Bourbon St and, technically, still in the French Quarter. This place is mostly black and feature a very "cozy" setting. The music is pretty good and so are the drinks.

    • ustreetdc
      ustreetdc Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I always stop here when I'm in New Orleans...even for just one drink on a Sunday afternoon. The jukebox is the best in town (as far as gay bars go) -- a good selection of classic soul and R&B. All this said, I like dive bars. I like bars full of black men. I like bars in older buildings. And I like bars where I can watch sports. The Society Page is all this. I don't like bright discos or clubs with music so loud that I can't talk without shouting. If you're looking for a place like that, the Society Page ain't it. If not, I'll see you at Orlando's.