Biscuit Palace

50% love it
Quaint French Quarter guest house
Choose from suites, apartments, and well appointed guest rooms between Bourbon and Royal Streets. The Biscuit Palace is a quaint guest house located In the heart of New Orleans French Quarter.


    • kuhiovillage2
      kuhiovillage2 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Worst Place in the French Quarter
      I just don't get why this hotel gets nice reviews?! The reviews were what made me try it! so I guess I will be the truthful one, to warn others, so that they will not have to go thru what I it goes.......When we went to stay at the Biscuit Palace, we definately were not expecting a Hyatt or Marriott, but at least a Motel 6? Our room was filthy dirty, and smelled musty. We stayed the one night, only because we came in too late, to find another accommodation. When walking around this room, I did not even remove my shoes, fearing of what some of the stains in the carpet were....Prior to going to sleep, I removed all the nasty worn out linens, and placed bath towels over the mattress, and used a pair of my jeans as a pillow, because the pillows were absolutely worn out, with the same type mystery stains all over them! yuck! After having no sleep (worrying the whole night about slipping off of the towels, and touching anything), I called Clayton, first thing in the morning, to tell him we were checking out....I was nice and told him the place, just wasn't for us, and was about to go into just a few details of our horrifying night, when he hung up on me! Nice for a hotel owner to be concerned about his guests stay....I did not bother calling him back.....I ran out of that place as fast as I could.....ew.....