Harrah's New Orleans

90% love it
Click those heels three times, Dorothy, you've arrived in Oz!
Harrah's is an exciting hotel with spectacular views of the Mississippi River. Only steps away from Canal Street shopping, the French Quarter and the Convention Center, Harrah's is a great all-inclusive hotel and casino.


    • justen
      justen Over a year ago
      Hates it

      First New Orleans experience ruined
      Just recently got back from a summer road trip I took with my partner of six years. My plan was to stop at many of the Harrah’s properties. The first property I stayed at was the Harrah’s Biloxi my next stop was the Harrah’s New Orleans. We arrived to the Harrah’s New Orleans at around 3:30 am. I was hoping to get a room. When we arrived a lady and what looked like a security guard were at the door and asked for our ID’s. The lady, an employee of Harrah’s, claimed me and my partners ID’s did not look real. I am a 34 year old male and my partner is 27. My partner also showed his passport. The employee asked him to smile and starting sassing at him, “show me your dimples!” We were then told to get lost by the security guard. So we went out the door to the main entrance hoping to speak with management. At the main entrance we had the same problem with being denied entry after the woman, Omega, was radioed and told not to let us in. At this point I requested to speak with management just before another security guard came out to tell us to “get off my property”. Waiting outside management finally came but not to address the situation. Instead we were told to “not even step foot into the building” by Leroy and Tina, who were acting as management. After describing our situation and providing them our multiple forms of identification they claimed they were unsure of the validity of our California issued Driver’s License. Leroy even began to make subtle threats of calling the police. I’m as unsure as to why just as unsure as to why we were denied entry. Given the late hour of nearly 4 in the morning we decided to give up and stay else where. As someone who frequents Las Vegas multiple times per month during the summer at least once a month during the year. We play/stay across multiple resorts; I’ve never experienced this before. Never has this been an issue in Las Vegas or even in Biloxi or anywhere while we were in New Orleans except for at Harrah's. If you are gay stay far away from this property unless you want to be denied entry.

    • garcon
      garcon Over a year ago

      I concur with Brandon D.

    • Tweetybird
      Tweetybird Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A swank posh place to stay near the French Quarter
      Right next to the Convention Center. Very convenient location. Very, very nice hotel. Harrah's has a good name, and lives up to it. Interesting, good restaurants are in the complex also.